Jane's Pencil Portraits

    I understand that not everything you may want to know is answered in my website, hopefully the Q & A below will help.  If there is anything else you are unsure of,
    please contact me.

    What type of paper do you use?
    I use drawing paper, or sometimes smooth watercolour paper if am going to be using water-soluble pencils.  The paper I use is around 2mm thick and weighs up to 535 grams.  Smaller portraits would be done on lighter paper.

    Do you treat the portraits?
    Portraits are sprayed with a fixative which creates a protective layer
    to prevent smudging.  This does not affect the colour or texture of
    the portrait.

    What techniques do you use?
    I create the appearance of fur or hair by building up many finely drawn lines in pencil.
    I use a lot of smudging to create skin tones.  Graphite powder is applied with a fine
    brush to produce an even skin tone, and I use a putty rubber to produce the appearance of reflected light.  Graphite powder or water colour pencil is used to work on darker areas of the portrait.  When adding areas of colour to my graphite drawings, I use coloured drawing pencils or watercolours.

          If I have more than one subject, can they be drawn from separate photographs?
          Yes, this can be done but please make sure that the lighting in all the photographs is as similar as possible.

            Do you mount the portraits?
            If you request it on the order form, I will place a mount around your subject.  This is done at an extra cost of £5 but cannot be done for portraits larger than A1.  I will try to ensure that once mounted, your portrait will still fit into a standard frame if you are planning on buying one rather than paying for the portrait to be framed.

            Do you frame the portrait?
            Unfortunately, unless you live nearby and collect your finished portrait, it is difficult to package framed drawings for posting, especially if they are large.

              How do you pack the portrait?
              Portraits are packaged between two sheets of strong card and then bubble wrapped before being wrapped in parcel paper.  All portraits will be marked as fragile.

                  How do I pay?
                  I prefer payment through PayPal, although I will accept cheques.  Your portrait will not be dispatched until the payment has cleared.

                  What if I don't like the portrait?
                  If you are not happy with your portrait, you can return it to me at your own cost and all efforts will be made to correct the features you are unhappy with, or if necessary I will rework the whole portrait.  If you are still not satisfied you will be given a full refund.